HMX Media

Sony’s a700 is the flagship model within the alpha system Digital SLR range. HMX created a CG experience taking customers on an “inside” journey exploring the camera’s advanced technological features, as they work together to create the ultimate picture quality.

The a700 CG experience is core to Sony’s alpha related websites worldwide. It features prominently on all alpha system hub pages, and forms the opening “set piece” of the alpha system “next level” micro-site, which features 3D animation throughout, interactively illustrating key product features and benefits.

HMX’s work related to the a700 has been used across a broad range of media. It opened the a700 launch event, as well as numerous other events and trade shows across the US and Europe. The concept also features prominently in a700 print collateral and within worldwide retail locations.

Additional credit: Nexum AG – Interactive
design/development – alpha “next level” micro-site

Sony Alpha 700 project still Sony Alpha 700 project still